Link Baiting

Link baiting is when you create content that is designed to get other people to link to it in order to increase the number of inbound links to your website. Generally, the more backlinks you have to your web pages – especially from authoritative sites – the higher your page will be ranked on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines.

Here then are 10 fast and easy ways to create linkbait that can drive traffic to your web pages and improve your site rankings on Google and other big search engines.

Give Customers a Demo Version of Your Software

Most people who buy software are reluctant to spend any money on a product they know nothing about. All the hyperboles in the world about how great your software is, are not going to convince many customers. Instead, you need to give them a hands-on assessment by offering a free trial or a demo version that they can only get from your website.

Make sure you work out most of the bugs before releasing the demo or trial version of your software otherwise you may cause more problems down the line. It’s also a good idea to have a dedicated support specialist available to work with prospective customers and answer any questions they might have.

Build a Must-Have Widget

A widget is a little piece of code that can be inserted into a blog, web page or another online site that allows a specific, simple function, such as linking to a social media site, for example.

If you are skilled at programming or have access to a high-quality programmer, creating a must-have widget for WordPress, Firefox extension, or some other killer app is a great way to attract fans and get attention for your website.

The widget can be anything that people find useful. Examples could include a body mass index calculator, an automated file sharing tool, or anything else people will find irresistible. Make sure, however, that your widget is related to your business’s niche so that people can make the mental connection and go to your site to learn more about you and your business.

Check out this interesting article if you are looking for ideas for popular widgets and ways you can use them to build excitement for your business.

Downloadable Template Skins and Themes

Linkbait doesn’t have to be complicated to be popular. Design some attractive downloadable templates for WordPress or another popular blog platform and offer them on your website for free. Then, include links to your site in the downloadable code.

Value-Adding Tools

Another link bait option is to create useful online tools that people can use to improve their everyday lives. For example, a financial tool that people can use to make household budgeting easier, or an SEO-based HTML parser would be popular but simple to produce, or an online SEO audit tool that makes auditing websites easier.

Roll out your online tool on your social media platforms, as well as those related to your industry. Search for blog posts relevant to your niche and offer your tool to the bloggers for free, in exchange for a recommendation or link to your website.

Interactive Games

Interactive games, especially those that can be played on mobile devices, are hugely popular right now and serve as an ideal link bait option. If you create a popular game or an entertaining widget and make it available on your site, it’s easy to get a flood of new traffic from people who want to try it out.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a downloadable report such as an SEO proposal, infographic, white paper or other free giveaways you can use to attract visitor to your site. If the quality of your lead magnet is high, then it can quickly become popular as people share it with other people interested in your niche topic.

Quizzes, Contests, and Giveaways

Quizzes, polls, contests, and giveaways are great ways to attract new visitors to your web pages. Encourage people to share your content by offering people the button code that allows them to easily place it on their websites.

Build your reputation by mentioning the other content you have created in social news sites, social media, and on microblogging sites.

Offer a Free Resource Guide Related to Your Niche

Over the course of your research and website development, you probably have created a huge library of resources that you have used. Compile these all into a single resource guide and post it on your web page, then promote it for free to others involved with your niche or industry via social media, forums, and other outlets.

Encourage visitors to your web page to share the link with their contacts, especially on social media where your popularity can easily grow virally.

Establish Your Reputation as an Expert

Use your expertise to build your professional reputation, then encourage people to visit your site every time you interact with anybody online or in person.

Host a Webinar

Invite people interested in your niche to participate in a live webinar where you discuss your area of expertise. Record it so you can make it available as a webcast or podcast, or even as a product you can sell later.

So, now with 10 ideas for link bait discussed, it’s your turn to create that awesome piece of content, or host a webinar or share something valuable with your target market and you can definitely expect some great results as well as improved website rankings.

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