Google’s search engine algorithm gives added weight to websites that have a lot of one way backlinks, especially those that come from authoritative sites. Authoritative sites are those that people would typically go to in order to get answers for the questions they have and include such sites as Wikipedia and any website with the suffix “.edu” (for educational institutions) or .gov (for governmental body’s).


Getting backlinks to your website generally will improve your site’s rankings. So its beneficial to set up as many one way backlinks – in other words, links leading to your website from other places online – as possible.

Quality of the Link Matters

It’s not a good idea to simply load your website with as many backlinks as possible. Google will actually penalize a website if it has too many one way backlinks that come from non-relevant or non-authoritative places.

So it’s important that you check the quality of the sites that are linking back to your web pages for quality. For example, if they come from pornographic or gambling sites, these backlinks actually can be devastating for your web page’s Google ranking.

Network to Create Backlinks

One of the easiest ways to get high-quality one-way backlinks is simply to ask your existing clients to create a link to your pages from their website. You also can ask vendors, service providers and even businesses that complement your business for backlinks. In fact, getting links from relevant partners can send you high-target traffic from people who are ready to buy.

One word of warning: You don’t want to get links from sites related to your topic if they come from websites that are housed on the same server. Google might think you are trying to stuff your website with backlinks in order to artificially inflate your ranking. Instead, connect with sites only if they use a different IP address.

Google recently revamped its search engine algorithm to penalize websites that used “link schemes” to artificially inflate the number of links they had. So you have to be extra careful to avoid violating Google’s backlink rules. Here’s a helpful article that explains how to avoid these types of problems.

Quick and Easy Ways to Get Legitimate One Way Backlinks

Relevant links from reputable places will help improve your site rankings. There’s a lot of “low hanging fruit” out there that you can take advantage of to get these types of high-quality links to your web pages.

For example, ask the company that did your web design to create a link to your web page in their Portfolio page. Just make sure it’s a direct link, not a script-based link or a redirect because Google may not give it the value it deserves.

Another fast and easy backlink option is to look for high-quality business card exchange websites where you can post a virtual business card for your business that includes a backlink to your website. Some of the most popular business card websites to consider are ‘theBcard’, ‘Dooid’, ‘MyOnePage’, and ‘Magntize’.


A third easy way to get high-quality one-way backlinks is to write a testimonial on about another business’s product and post it on an authoritative site with a high page rank. Send the site your testimonial and include a note letting them know it’s okay for them to use it on their web page, as long as it includes a link back to your company’s own web page.

Similarly, you can ask someone to write a review of your company’s product or services, complete with a backlink to your web pages. These types of positive reviews have the double benefit of promoting your business with glowing reviews plus creating a high-quality backlink that can improve your Google page ranking.

Helpful Hint: It’s a good idea to ask mid-list bloggers and reviewers to rate and review your products rather than the biggest and most recognizable names in your industry. Not only are these people more accessible, but if they somehow don’t like your product and give it a bad or mediocre review, the damage is minimized.

Another option is to hire an experienced blogger to write a post about your business, especially one that mentions your specific products and services. This is an easy way to get a high-quality link that Google will value. The goal here is to get high-quality traffic and new customers from reputable sources.

A word of warning: Try not to do this too often because if Google thinks you are “buying” links from paid providers, it could affect your page’s ranking on their Search Engine Results Pages for your niche. Plus, paying too many people to write positive reviews of your products can get expensive.

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